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UGT Industrial is an Original Brand Manufacturer under the authorization of Yukato Japan. It is a fraternal company of UGT Education originally founded in July 2007. UGT Industrial is a company associated with Yukato Japan and Chongqing ZS Power and established in March, 2018. UGT Industrial manufactures the products related to Power Generation, Agro Garden, Power Tools, and Hand Tools.

UGT Industrial integrates resources such as talents, technologies, and partners in the fields of Power Generation, Agro Garden, Power Tools, and Hand Tools. UGT jointly conducts research & development, design, and manufactures through the business model of Ownership Sharing Economy (OSE) and the Open Book Management (OBM). UGT takes “Honesty”, “Openness”, and “Sharing” as the core values and aims to be one of the best Original Brand Manufacturers in China.

UGT integrates resources around the world by creating a Blockchain Sales Network (BSN) and a Decentralized Marketing Strategy (DMS). UGT provides partners high-quality products with competitive prices, and flexible One-Stop Station (OSS) services. UGT assists small and medium-sized potential partners to market products together and jointly strive for profit growth and improve after-sales service.

UGT is the core strategic partner of Yukato Japan in China, UGT manufactures,  supervises and marketing the products all around the world under the authorization of Yukato Japan.

UGT focus on quality and brand “Yukato”, and creates long-term commitment for partners, employees in a stable, shared, and mutually beneficial strategic partnership.

UGT, a right partner to choose!


Telephone: +81-155-407108           

Mobile: +81-80-55822167        

Email: info@yukato.co.jp   

Headquarter: 9-13, 4 Chome, Koen Higashimachi, Obihiro, Hokkaido 080-0847, Japan